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The Cold Shots official website published featuring band and music information

Columbia, Mo. (May 6, 2022) – The Cold Shots invite their current and future listeners as well as all music lovers to visit their new official website,, to meet the band members, learn their history, find links to their music and social media profiles and check back regularly to find the locations and ticket information for all future performances.

The Cold Shots are eager to welcome all newcomers to their tight-knit community where they can become a true part of a growing family of music lovers, experience a fun and music-driven environment and get to know who the Cold Shots really are as a group and as individuals.

Jackson Harris, the band’s drummer, stated, “At the end of the day, we are basically just a bunch of friends who like playing music together. That’s really our bottom-line.”

According to keyboardist and founding member of the Cold Shots, Jack Kankiewicz, this is just the beginning for the band, and they are ready to grow their audience and spread their brand. “Merch and more music coming soon,” he says.

About The Cold Shots:

The Cold Shots are an alternative rock band based in Kansas City, Mo with a passion for creating music and playing it for anyone who wants to listen. E-mail for booking and inquiries.


Contact: Luke Minton

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When were the Cold Shots founded?
A: 2017

Q: Where are the Cold Shots based?
A: Kansas City, Missouri

Q: What type of music do the Cold Shots play?
A: Alternative Rock

Q: How many members are in the Cold Shots?
A: Four

Q: Which instruments do the Cold Shots use?
A: Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums

Q: How many albums have the Cold Shots released?
A: One, with more to come.

Q: Do the Cold Shots have merch for sale?
A: Not yet, but it's coming soon.

Q: How do the Cold Shots intend to expand their brand?
A: Continue making music, spread our name through social media and word of mouth, create merch, and bring new listeners to our website

Q: What is the vision/mission of The Cold Shots?
A: Our mission is to make good music and play it for anyone that will listen. While we do intend to grow our audience, the most important thing for us to continue having fun making music as good friends.

Q: How can I contact the Cold Shots?
A: E-mail:, Instagram: @coldshotsofficial